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Vandana Plastic Machineries is the leading and fastest growing company in the matter of providing the best functioning plastic extrusion machineries. We are engaged in providing a wide assortment of machines including pipe extrusion line, HDPE pipe plant, PVC and HDPE downstream equipments, Vacuum sizing tanks, vacuum calibration machine and tanks, heater cooler mixer, high intensity mixer and spring conveyor. Our industry ranks at the top position because of the best grade materials, technology and manufacturing techniques and innovative methods to prepare the HDPE pipe plant and all other products.

HDPE Pipe Plant Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Our Expertise

We are the manufacturer in the domain of extrusion machineries. Years of experience in this area has made us the experts in providing the best quality of extruders and downstream equipments. The trained and skilled experts that handle the whole manufacturing process of the extrusion plants. The comprehensive ranges of pipe plants we provide are designed as per the worldwide standards.

What is Extrusion Plant?

Heater Cooler Mixer supplier in AhmedabadExtrusion is a procedure used to make objects of a set cross-sectional area. The material that is needed to prepare the substance is pushed through a specific shape mould of the desired cross-segment. The two chief focus points of this procedure over other assembling forms are: its capacity to make extremely complex cross-segments and to work smoothly and easily with materials that are fragile as the material experiences compressive as well as shear stresses. To conduct the process of extrusion there are different type of extrusion plants that make it easy to execute the preparation of the product. The extrusion plants are chiefly used in the manufacturing of plastic pipes made up of various materials like HDPE, PVC, UPVC and PPR. The extrusion plant comes with various features and specification depending on the type of extrusion process that is to be carried out in it.

There are 5 main types of extrusion process:

  • Hot Extrusion
  • Cold Extrusion
  • Warm Extrusion
  • Friction Extrusion
  • Micro Extrusion

HDPE Pipe Plant Supplier

The HDPE pipe plant is a specially designed extrusion machine that helps in making a wide range of HDPE pipe varying in the length and dimensions. The pipe plant assists in simplifying the process of making the pipes of different size at great speed. HDPE is the material composed of high density polyethylene which is basically a thermoplastic. This material is used in preparing pipe that requires high strength. The HDPE pipes plant have great strength to density ratio and tensile strength.

The key points of our HDPE pipe plant are:

  • Easy operations
  • Optimized performance
  • Durability and consistent working
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Low power consumption

HDPE Pipe Plant Manufacturer

The production of HDPE pipes Plant takes place in the specially designed machines to get accurately dimensioned pipes of required length and thickness. The plastic material is added into the barrel of the extrusion plant from the hopper. This material is melted using various methods that help in heating the substance and melt it. This molten form of material is then forced into the die that are of specific shapes of which the pipe is required.

The process can be stated as the following flow:

  • Bended granules feed in the hopper
  • Barrel zone of the extruder melting
  • Passed in the die zone
  • Vacuum sizing tank to get specific shape and size
  • Cooling tank to cool the pipe
  • Haul off pulling unit to preserve the thickness
  • Tilting unit to get the desired length

HDPE Pipe Plant Price in India

We offer the pipe plant in various dimensions as per the type of extrusion process that is to be carried out in it. The basic components in the extruder consist of the hopper, die adapter, feed zone, compression zone, metering zone, heater band, extruder cylinder and thermocouple. The specifications kept in the plant decide the price of the HDPE pipe plant. We make sure that the plants that we offer gives great performance and are provided at low price. The HDPE pipe plant functions to heat, melt, mix and transmit the raw material which is further shaped into the pipe. We use the top quality of materials in the fabrication of the plant and making each of the part in the machine. These pipe plants have great functioning and accurate performance. The HDPE pipe plant price at our industry is kept at a low range. We offer these pipe plants in an ample number of specifications and features required by the client to suit their needs. Low price does not mean that you have to compromise with the quality of the machine, as we will offer you high quality at less price range.

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HDPE Pipe Plant in India

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Why Us?

There are various reasons that make Vandana Plastic Machineries the best choice for your extrusion machine. We even provide customer service in terms of any kind of technical assistance in the installation and maintenance of the HDPE pipe plant including after sales service in the least time.

Our key points are:

  • Cost effective plants
  • Need oriented solution
  • Latest features embedded
  • Enhanced safety level
  • Controlled Quality
  • After Sales Service
  • Top grade materials
  • Latest technology in fabrication
HDPE Pipe Plant in Ahmedabad

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