Pipe Traction Unit

The pipe traction unit is used to pull the pipe with a large force accurately without affecting the dimension of the pipe. We are the leading manufacturer of the pipe traction unit and machine that have the most accurately working. The pipe traction machine can safely pull out the pipes from the manufacturing location in such a way that the shape does not change. These machines are mainly preferred when the work is to be done with pipes having thin wall pipes.

PVC Pipe Cutting Machine

The pipes that are prepared needed to be cut in the proper dimension that the client has requested. To give them proper dimension we provide PVC pipe cutting machine in India and all the states of Gujarat including Ahmedabad, Rajkot, etc. The pipe cutting machine has a clamping system to properly fix to all the size of the pipes. These machine work through the pneumatic cylinder and actuated by the limit switches provided on the trimming chute. We offer them at them at the most reasonable price range and customization in the specifications.

PVC Die Head

The PVC die head is used to give proper shape to the pipes from the melt that comes out from the extruder. We provide a wide range of die heads to prepare the pipes of the desired range of dimensions and specifications requested by the customer. These PVC die heads are made according to the industry specific standards and customized as per the requirements of the industry and the application area. Each model is prepared under expert supervision and guidance to accurately meet the standards of the industry.

Die and Mandrel

The die and mandrel we offer is used in many pipe extrusion and other machines to prepare the pipes of the required dimensions. The size of the die is decided on the dimension of pipe that is needed by the client. The die and mandrel we manufacture are made from top class materials and fabrication methods. They are used in the process of extrusion to firmly hold the material using a mandrel. We offer them in wide range of size and specifications as per the customers need.

Jockey Extruder Lining Machine

The main task of the machine is to make lines on the pipes, cables and tubes of various dimensions. The jockey extruder lining machine is used in lining as well as to apply an extra coating of any material on the pipes. The machine has a separate electrical control panel to effectively handle all the processes. The lining machine is suitable for any extruder to do accurately do lining on the pipes.

On-Line Pipe Printing Machine

The pipes need to be printed with the logo or other details like license no, batch no, ISI mark, etc. We provide a wide range of on-line pipe printing machine to easily and precisely develop a print on the pipe. The machine has a capacity to print 7 impressions on the standard sized pipe. We offer a mobile unit of these machines so that they can easily moved from one place to another.

Plastic Pipe Printing Machine

The plastic pipe printing machine is provided in standard specifications. We have done PU painted on the machine. The machine can easily print on the pipe of 20mm to 280mm in size. They are very accurate in printing on the plastic pipe and are friction driven so they do not require any kind of electricity or compressed air to operate the machine. The machines are prepared with accuracy and presented in the most reasonable rates.

Spring Conveyor

The spring conveyor is used to convey the dry blend from the ground to the extruder. The conveyor that we provide is best for conveying the dry products like granules. The spirals we make are prepared from the spring steel and are enclosed in the flexible HDPE pipes. The spiral is rotated through the help of the induction motor and the speed can be maintained of the motor.

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