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Heater Cooler Mixer

The heater cooler mixer is mainly used in the plastic industries that require mixing of PVC and other plastic materials. The mixer that we present can perform both the operations of heating as well as cooling the substance to give it proper shape and blend the components in the mixture properly. The machine has great capacity to perform uniformly in high as well as normal temperature. These machines are prepared under the standard dimensions to suit the requirements of the plastic industries.

heater cooler mixer in Bihar

This heater cooler mixer is made with the aid of the latest technology and industrial norms to suit the specifications. These mixers are provided in various specifications as per the need of the client. The mixers are designed under the supervision of the quality check experts and quality check parameters.

We ensure that we provide the most affective and accurate working heater cooler mixer. The dimensions of the heater cooler mixers are kept exact so as to fit the location and application area in the industry where it is to be used. We try our best to offer them in the most compatible rates compared to other dealers in the Indian market.

Features of Heater Cooler Mixer

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