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PPR Pipe Plant

Polypropylene Random Copolymer also generally known as the PPR. The PPR pipes are mainly used in the industries that need to work with high pressure and hot or cold fluid transmission. The PPR pipe plant is made up of best grade materials and using the advanced technology and fabrication methods. The pipe plant we offer comes in twin and single screw extruder so the customer can select the plant suitable to their usage and application area. These plants come in various production capacity and speed to help making the pipes at desired speed.

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The PPR pipe plant has many important components that enhance the working and production of the plant. Each of the components is prepared using high ranking material and most modern technology to make the plants durable and long lasting.

The screw diameter is selected based on the diameter of pipe that is needed. The client as per their requirement sets the thickness of the PPR pipe plant. We offer the plants in standard and customized format at the best price. We even provide after sales service to the client whenever they need any kind of help or assistance in handling the plant.


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