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PVC Heater Cooler Mixer

The PVC heater mixer cooler is used in many industries to suit all the requirements of the plant when it comes to heating or cooling the prepared mixer. We make these mixers using latest technological features so they can accurately perform the task assigned to them. The heater cooler mixer is mostly used in the industries where they have to work with various types of plastics like PVC, UPVC, RPVC, etc. The mixer is embedded with AC motor with variable frequency drive to save the power. We prepare the heater cooler mixer from high grade stainless steel of class SS 304.

pvc heater cooler mixer in Mumbai

The inner surface of the mixer is mirror polished to avoid any kind of deposition of material in the surface. The PVC heater cooler mixer has a separate water circulation which makes it possible to cool down the container wall and the bottom of the mixer individually.

The jacket has cooling water circulation to get the desired temperature of the mixer accurately and swiftly. The mixer has a special temperature sensor that allows measuring the temperature of the mixer and maintaining it in the desired range. We have achieved a great position in market for providing the widest range of PVC heater cooler mixer to control various temperature range of mixture in the industries.


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