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Pipe Extrusion Line

The pipe extrusion line is prepared defining the standard specifications stated by the industries. This line has specific length and production capacity. Vandana Plastic Machineries has become the leading name in the market as the manufacturer and supplier of Pipe Extrusion Line in India. The pipe extrusion machines we offer come in different models of twin screw and single screw extruder. The machines vary in the dimension of the screw diameter and the length to density ratio of which the pipe is to be made.

pipe extrusion line

We present a large range of diameter in the pipes and it can even vary as per the requirement of the client. The extruders that we use have a great geometry of the screw. They are operated using high grade software for smooth working and easy handling.

The design is kept simple and efficient to give higher productivity and best grade products. These machines are made in such a way that they consume the least amount of power and have consistent performance even when used continuously for hours.


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