The extrusion machines are mostly used in the industries to make plastic objects or object that are fragile. We offer the pipe extrusion machinery to prepare the pipes of uniform shape and dimension. The pipe extrusion machinery comes in two different forms of single screw and twin screw extruder. They are highly efficient in performance and have the capacity to produce a large number of pipes of small as well as long length in a short time span. We embed the machines with best in class features and prepare them using the leading technology to enhance the quality of the pipes.

pipe extrusion machinery

The working of the machine begins from melting the plastic material and passing it through the belt into the die that is used to give defined shape of the pipe. The final step is cooling the pipe and cutting it in the length required.

The machinery has great capacity to operate for hours without affecting the quality of the pipe. We are considered the most reliable pipe extrusion machinery manufacturer in India providing machines having excellent durability and performance. Our machines are famous in all over the domestic market of India because of their supreme characteristics.


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