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PVC Pipe Extrusion Plant

Extrusion is the process of preparing a shape by forcing it into the die of the required shape. They are mainly used to prepare the plastic objects and give shape to fragile objects. The PVC pipe extrusion plant is specially designed to prepare the pipe of desired dimensions and length. The plants that we prepare for extrusion consist of various top grade features and specifications. They are given in the different models including the twin screw and single screw extruders to suit the production process. The plant has varying material holding capacity and they even vary in the size of diameters of the pipe it prepares.

PVC pipe extrusion plant in India

The PVC pipe plant is made to meet the needs of the industry in preparing best grade pipes in less time. The PVC pipe extrusion plant consists of various components like screw extruder, vacuum tank, pipe die head, pipe cutting unit and high speed cooling mixer.

This plant has a capacity to generate the best grade PVC pipe of different type of thickness and length need by the customer. The extrusion plant we provide have optimal performance and prepare pipes having smooth and uniform thickness in the pipe. These PVC pipe extrusion plant is famous in the market for their great characteristics and durability.


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